Wazifa for Quick Proposal

Ilm Karney Ki Dua

Wazifa for Quick Proposal ,” Agar kisi larke ke rishte na ate hon to is amal ko kere to inshallah buhat jadi us ke shadi ho ji ge aur buhat he munasab rishta mil ji ga.rooz subha fajar ke namaz ke baad 1100 martaba ism “allahusamad”ko phere aur us ke baad dono hato per dum ker ke apne jism per pher le.subha o sham ke hafat ke dua bhi phere ek month me kam ho ji ga.


Wazifa for Quick Proposal In English

If some girl is worried about her marriage and cant find any suitable proposal,or on the other hand if proposals come but no body comes back with a positive reply .then she shall preform the following wazifa and in 3 weeks she will have lot of options to choose from .After isha prayer she shall recite this ism”ALLAHUSAMAD”for 1100 times and then blow it on her hands and then rub it all over her body from head to toe ,she shall also recite the dua for protection according to hadees.

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