Wazifa For Broken Engagement

Wazifa For Broken Engagement ,” When it turned out formaled, declared in our Family, then there was a problem in our relation, misunderstanding arises, no love, no care, no sensations. The boy & Girl that are facing many complications read ‘Darood-e-Taaj Sharif’ pertaining to 33 times & from then on
A blow available as one a glass connected with water & drink the river and then for you to DUA for solving all the problems.
First of all after every Salah start off reading ‘Ya vahhabo’ 46 times. It is usually a name of Allah Darood /Salawat 11 Times before and immediately after.
Then at midnight require a bath after which go outside where you’ll find nothing on the top of the head. No top & no Headscarf.

After the Salah while sitting down & read ‘Ya vahhabo’ 1042 Times.
When you get read it more than two hundred times, get up and start a DUA. Then sit back and start reading. When you grab 700, again stand up and do a new DUA.
Then sit back again. Read this kind of for three times only. If you don’t get what you long for, you can try it again. You can study this wazifa maximum 3 Times.

Insallah what ever you want will happen inside 3 nights. This Wazifa is probably the most powerful wazifas.

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